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We help healthcare providers and authorities to combat Covid-19

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, LAB360 has early identified, verified and imported tests and test materials for Covid-19. We have helped healthcare providers and authorities internationally and nationally.

Our product range today consists of products hand-picked from the manufacturers that we have seen produce quality over time, have outstanding performance that can also be backed by Swedish and European studies.

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Our tests are point-of-care tests that must be performed and interpreted professionally. Thus, only healthcare companies can place an order for these tests.

The Swedish Public Health Agency’s Strategy for COVID-19 tests provides a clear description:

Patient-centered analyzes need to be performed under the auspices of professional health service staff who are trained in sampling and interpretation of results. Evaluation and ongoing quality assurance of SARS-CoV-2 antibody tests should be performed by or in consultation with clinical microbiological expertise. Legal aspects to ensure patient safety, such as requirements for management systems, record keeping, licensed personnel including doctors and reporting the activity to IVO (the Swedish Health and Care Inspectorate) must be taken into account.

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Antibody tests (rapid tests to identify antibodies to Covid-19)
Antigen tests (rapid tests for ongoing infection)
Nasopharyngeal swab/Oropharyngeal (Throat) swabs and transport media for PCR-analysis
Saliva kits for PCR-analysis

LAB 360’s COVID-19 rapid test is CE marked. For more information and documentation, please contact us via the form below.

All products are CE marked, some holds FDA EUA and are backed by public publications / studies made in Europe and Sweden. For more information and documentation, please contact us via the form below.

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LAB360 ° mainly sells products and services in the core areas of incubation, storage, disinfection, disposal and equipment for material collection. We also design and build our own solutions for climate rooms and forensic laboratories.

LAB360° is a company in the Swedish Health Industry