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Test on site and get results within 15 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions
about the COVID-19 Rapid Test Kit

Who are LAB360°?

LAB360 has provided knowledge, quality products and equipment since 2006. The core business is in handling of biological material as incubation, storage, disinfection and disposing. We also carry Robotized Storage Technology – 180 C for IVF use. We have experience since 1989 from, among others, the Bergman & Beving Group and Addtech. We have been around since PCR was introduced in research and healthcar

How do you ensure the quality of suppliers, products and delivery security?

LAB 360’s founder Stefan Hultgren has experience of quality assuring suppliers professionally from the Bergman and Beving era. At the same time he did analysis of the surrounding world as an important part of the work.

Among other things, we have hired Swedish Business of Sweden on site in China to ensure which factories are reliable and have correct certificates and documents.

The products we carry have been tested at independent laboratories in Europe and Sweden to confirm that the results from the manufacturer’s clinical studies are in fact correct. In this way, we have a product we can take responsibility for.

Do you have any references?

We collaborate with some of Sweden’s largest companies, healthcare providers, occupational health care and medical staff. Furthermore, we have helped healthcare providers and public health agencies internationally.

Who has approved the product?

Medical devices intended for professional use must obtain a CE certificate in order to be sold freely within the EU and the European Economic Area (EEA). LAB 360’s test meets those requirements and have obtained a CE certificate.

Can you perform the test on yourself?

No. Only trained medical staff are allowed to perform the testing.

How long is the delivery time?

We are delivering within Sweden in 3-4 days. Please contact us for information regarding delivering to countries outside Sweden.

Our core areas:





LAB360 ° mainly sells products and services in the core areas of incubation, storage, disinfection, disposal and equipment for material collection. We also design and build our own solutions for climate rooms and forensic laboratories.

LAB360° is a company in the Swedish Health Industry